Crazy Time app

You can win money in Crazy Time from your computer, tablet or smartphone. To the slot was always available, install an application to play Crazy Time on your gadget. The application will make your game much more convenient – you immediately enter your personal account, and play wherever you are. Account data, round results will always be at your fingertips. The software allows you to play even with slow internet speeds and is not subject to blocking.

For which devices there is an application

The slot directly has no separate software, you can play Crazy Time from the online casino app. If you’re playing on Pin Up, then you’ll need to install the software from Pin Up. If on 1Win, then you install the software of this gambling club. Then under your credentials go to the catalog and choose Crazy Time. Not all online casinos develop their own software, some sites only have browser-based versions available. Information about the availability of the application can be requested from tech support.

Software can not be downloaded from Google Play or App Store, because these services do not host software for gambling entertainment. The application can be downloaded directly from the online casino website or find the software in social networks or Telegram channels dedicated to the popular gambling entertainment “Crazy Time”.

Crazy Time app

How to download the application for Android

Installing the Crazy Time app on Android will only take a few minutes.

  • Allow your device to install third-party apps from unknown sources in the “Privacy” section.
  • Download the APK file from a link in the online casino or social networks. The software can also be found on a regular search engine.
  • Install the software. After downloading the file, click on it and install it. The installation will take no more than three minutes. An icon of the gambling club should appear on the screen of your smartphone.
  • Register in the online casino. To do this, fill in the fields in the registration form and click “agree to the rules”.
  • Refill your account. In order for Live streaming with bets to become available, you need to deposit money.

When registering in the application, it is important to follow all the same rules as when registering on the site in the browser:

  • to pass the verification, specify your real name and surname when registering;
  • you can register only one account, if you try to create new accounts with the same name, the system may block both of them;
  • the user must be 18 years old or older.

If you already have a personal account, you do not need to register again when installing the software.

Android must be at least version 5 to work correctly. Also, the phone must have 5GB of memory for fast launch of games. The software runs on all modern Android smartphones: Meizu, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, etc.

How to download the app for iOS

If your iPhone is older than version 4s, you can install the software to play Crazy Time on it. The software is downloaded for free from the Safari browser.

  • Search Safari browser for the appropriate software to install on your iPhone and follow the download link.
  • Download the installation file to your phone.
  • Open the file and agree to the terms of use.
  • Register by entering your real data in the registration form.
  • Log in to your personal cabinet and replenish your account.

If you have already been registered at this online casino, you do not need to register again. The same software can be downloaded on iPad.

How to play on a cell phone

The functionality of the application repeats the browser version of the game “Crazy Time”. Before the start of each round, the player is given time to place a bet. You can bet any amount on multipliers 1, 2, 5, 10 or on bonus segments.

As the round begins, the croupier starts the wheel and the scoreboard above the wheel. The scoreboard and wheel stops on certain segments, on which your winnings depend. If you bet on a one and you hit the number 1, your bet is returned and you lose nothing. If you bet on a two, but the wheel stops at 5, your bet is burned. One strategy recommends betting a little but on all segments to increase the probability of winning.

The results on the scoreboard at the top can increase your winnings, for this to happen two conditions must coincide:

  • the values on the scoreboard must line up;
  • the number on the scoreboard must coincide with the number on which the bet is made and then it will increase proportionally to the multiplier.

If the wheel stops on one of the bonus segments, the croupier conducts a spectacular mini-game, in which you can win a lot.

  • Cash Hunt. This is a playing field of 108 cells with coefficients, which during the game are shuffled and hidden behind icons and figures. The croupier randomly selects one and fires it. The bet is multiplied by the coefficient where the shot was fired.
  • Pachinko. This is a wall with pegs on which the host launches the puck. The bet will be multiplied by the number the puck falls on – there are 16 values at the bottom of the board with different odds.
  • Coin Flip. The round is similar to the coin game – two coins with different coefficients appear on the screen. The color on which the chip will fall wins. The chip is tossed by the croupier.
  • Crazy Time. This is a giant wheel, which is located in a separate room behind a red door. One of three tags is chosen, which collects multipliers after the wheel stops.


Let’s summarize our review on the Crazy Time app.

  • To download the original software, go from your browser to the official website of the gambling club, or type in the search engine query “Download Crazy Time app”. It is important that it is from a licensed casino.
  • The casino app is completely free, it is designed specifically for your comfort. There are no subscriptions or trial periods. To install the program, you just need to download it.
  • In terms of functionality, the application does not differ from the browser version. The data for logging into your personal account are the same, you do not need to register again.
  • The software installed from verified sources is safe for the phone.
  • The application is regularly improved and updated, the system itself will warn about available updates.

Players speak positively about the Crazy Time app, because it is really convenient.

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