Crazy Time: Game Strategy

Luck or good strategy? Is it possible to influence the result in Crazy Time? Is there a recipe for the perfect strategy that will lead you to big wins?

Despite the fact that the results of the rounds are randomly generated, you can still influence your winnings. In this review, let’s take a look at the basic strategies of Crazy Time, which you can use to increase your chances of winning and reduce the risk of losing.

Recall the rules of the slot. The player makes bets before the start of each round. You can bet on numerical values, bonus segments, or all together. Then the croupier spins the wheel, and in parallel with this on top of the scoreboard fall out symbols and multipliers. The amount of winnings is determined by what segment the wheel stops on and what falls out on the scoreboard above. If the wheel has a bonus game, the croupier conducts it on a special board or slot machine. Bonus mini-games, unlike numerical multipliers, significantly increase winnings, but fall less often, as the wheel is located on the wheel is only nine bonus segments.

What game strategies exist

In “Krazy Time” there is always a chance to win, but exactly the same chances to lose – it is enough to make one wrong bet. In order not to lose, it is recommended to bet only those amounts that are not sorry to lose – this is the rule of reasonable game. But that’s not all – there are strategies that will help you win more and more often. They were developed taking into account statistics and experience of hundreds of thousands of players who prefer this particular gambling entertainment.

Crazy Time: Game Strategy

Strategy 1: be careful

A method for patient players who do not want to worry and take unnecessary risks. The goal of the strategy – gradually, short steps to increase the deposit.

The essence of the method is to bet on the most frequent sectors – x1, x2 and x5. The probability of falling out of these segments is much higher and earnings will grow even though the multiplier is small. On the wheel is located 21 units, 13 twos and 7 fives, which is about 75% of the total number of segments.

Well, if the multiplier on your sector falls on the scoreboard above, you will earn even more. The deposit will gradually grow, it can then be withdrawn or spent in the next rounds.

“Cautious” tactic is suitable for beginners, as well as participants who started playing with small deposits.

Strategy 2: Risk

This is a game with bets on the maximum number of sectors. Before the start of the round, bet on all numbers and bonus mini-games at once. It is important that the size of the deposit allows you to bet on all segments without the risk of losing the entire amount at once. Bets are better to make the minimum.

Yes, the wheel more often stops on segments 1, 2 and 5, these are small wins, but at least they are definitely there and do not let you go into the minus. The main emphasis here is on bonus games, thanks to which you can catch coefficients up to x25000 and once increase the deposit.

This methodology is suitable for the brave – you can not just sit back, you need to take risks. But you can win much more.

There is also a third strategy – to bet only on bonuses. This is the maximum level of risk, but if you are lucky, the winnings will be huge. In addition to the above, there are other tactics that experienced players tell about in social networks and videos. Since there is no demo version of Crazy Time, it is recommended to observe other users and only then play for money.

Is it realistic to win at Crazy Time

The slot has an RTP of 96.08% – this is a high figure, which indicates that it is realistic to win at Crazy Time. To win it is important to approach the gameplay wisely, even though it is a game of chance, the results of which depend on the will of chance. But, not everything is based on luck, so we have prepared some useful tips that will help you win more.

  1. Bet on all bonus sectors. It is better to bet a little on four bonus segments, than to bet a large amount on one of them. This way you increase the probability of winning, and mini-games are almost always a significant money boost.
  2. Evaluate the odds wisely. RTP in the slot is not fixed, so any player can lose round after round, and only then he can get lucky. Also, the return percentage changes depending on what is bet on.
  3. Don’t lose your sense of proportion. Regardless of the tactics you choose, stick to your budget. Broadcasting is always unpredictable, and if you were lucky in previous rounds, it does not mean that you will be lucky later. Rely on a simple rule – the game budget should not exceed the amount with which you are ready to part with for nothing.
  4. Play only on trusted casinos. A separate point that should be emphasized. Provider Evolution Gaming protects the software from fakes and places games only on licensed sites. Choose sites that can really be trusted.
  5. Apply the methods of experienced players. Gamblers share their experience in social networks, Telegram channels, video reviews – don’t be lazy, study and apply these methods to become richer.

How to use statistics to win at Crazy Time

On sites with statistics, you can set a time period to familiarize yourself with the results of rounds and bonus mini-games. This is necessary for analyzing and predicting. Statistics are used by experienced players to know when to bet large amounts, and when it is wise to save money. Also in the slot there is a chat room for communication during the game.


In this review, we have shared strategies for playing Crazy Time that will increase your chances of success. The strategies are applicable for beginners and experienced gamers, the main thing is to understand the rules.

What else is worth noting when talking about this slot:

  • there is a chat room where users ask questions and communicate with each other;
  • the game allows you to win large sums;
  • live streaming distinguishes “Krazy Time” from classic slots;
  • RTP is 96.08%.

There is no universal way to win money, and only you choose which strategy to use. Judging by the numerous positive reviews, Crazy Time slot does pay out decent rewards and is recognized as one of the most exciting live games.

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